Student Government | Fox Student Association

Student Government, known as Fox Student Association (FSA), is responsible for allocating segregated university fee dollars (segregated fees) to campus clubs and organizations annually. FSA also utilizes organizational skills to uphold and advance students’ rights, such as advocating on behalf of students on the national, state and local levels; promoting student activities and camaraderie, and providing student representation on campus committees. 

Wisconsin State Statute 36.09 (5) gives students the legal right to represent themselves on student issues. Fox Student Association (FSA) is the official student voice of the Fox Cities campus. An organization that provides a great avenue for utilizing leadership and organizational skills, FSA promotes the general welfare and interest of the student body and the Fox Cities campus.

Executive Board, Spring 2023

President – Nick Aliota
Vice President – Tabitha Kilgas
Treasurer – Minjae Kang
Communications Director – Dohyun Kim
Chief of Staff – Ivy Evrard
Advisor – Amanda Doperalski

Senate, 2022-23

Senate meetings are held on every other Wednesdays from 1:00 PM to 1:40 PM in room 1553. Meeting agendas will be posted in Titan Connection and be posted on the Fox Student Association bulletin board and outside of the Student Association Office every week. Everyone is welcome – please attend!

Student Government Constitution, Bylaws, and Application

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Fox Cities Campus
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