Why Choose the 福克斯城市校园?

Top 10 reasons to attend

 1) Easy transition to college

的 福克斯城市校园 of UW Oshkosh is located in Menasha, Wis., near beautiful Lake Winnebago. Many students live at home and commute to campus, making the transition from high school to college more comfortable.


Students who begin college on the Fox Cities campus are guaranteed to save thousands in tuition when compared to starting at a four-year insitution. See for yourself how your 学费加起来.

3) Complete your general education credits before declaring a major on the Oshkosh campus or transferring to another 威斯康辛大学系统 school

最新出的网赌网址大全 福克斯城市校园 offers UW credits that can easily transfer to other 威斯康辛大学系统 unviersities and fulfill degree requirements. 的 威斯康辛大学系统 Guaranteed Transfer program provides easy guidelines to guarantee your admission to any UW school.

4) Receive personalized attention from faculty and staff

With the average classroom size around 25 students, the Fox Cities campus has the atmosphere of a small private school with all the worldclass resources and benefits of a state institution. 的 exceptional faculty and staff on the 最新出的网赌网址大全 福克斯城市校园 make sure every student gets the instruction, guidance and attention they deserve.

5) Live in 狐狸村 Student 住房

Students interested in experiencing all college has to offer have the option to live in 狐狸村 student housing complex. 的 apartment complex is located within walking distance of campus and provide modern amenities, weekly events and plenty of opportunities to make lifelong friendships.

6) Earn an associate degree

Earn an Associate of Arts and Science degree to advance your career or serve as the foundation for a future bachelor’s degree. Not sure what you want to major in? 不用担心! 的 Fox Cities campus offers courses in dozens of subjects for you to explore your interests and provides career resources for you to make connections and build your resume while completing your degree.

7) Clubs and Organizations

的re are many opportunities for students to get involved through the various clubs and organizations 我们在校园里. Students are also able to get involved in 学生会 to advocate on behalf of college students on national, state and local levels.

8) Play a college sport

Students on the Fox Cities campus don’t have to leave sports behind after they finish high school. Students have the opportunity to participate on a Fox Cities competitive sports team and compete against other teams in the 威斯康辛大学系统.

9) Get a four-year engineering degree while staying close to home

As part of the 大学 威斯康星奥什科什, students on the Fox Cities campus have the unique opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree through the Collaborative Degree Programs 校园提供.

10) Explore the Arts and Sciences

的 巴洛天文馆 on the Fox Cities campus has been entertaining students and community members for nearly two decades. Visitors can attend astronomy night, see a laser show or learn about the secrets of our universe. 最新出的网赌网址大全 students receive a ticket discount with their student IDs!

的 Weis Earth Science Museum gives visitors a chance to learn more about our planet with hands-on exhibits and learning activities. Visitors get an all-encompassing look at our world from fossils to earthquakes, and Fox Cities campus students get in for free!

的 Communication Arts Center is a state-of-the-art facility that hosts rotating 艺术展览 and several musical and theater productions each year. Students and community members alike come together to enjoy these unique attractions.

大学 威斯康星奥什科什
Menasha, WI 54952
(920) 832-2600